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Welcome to the website of the International Culture Center!

Free lessons for children of the age of 3-14 and  consultations for women will be held on  May 10, 17, 24 and 31 at  12 – 16 p.m. in the premises of the Riga Latvian Society House (Merkela Str. 13) in the frames of  the European Third-Country Nationals Integration Fund ‘s Project "Latvia and Turkey: Distant and Near" (Grant Agreement Nr.  IF/2013/1.a/20).

Free lessons on the Ebru art  and consultations are planning  for children and women who live in Latvia for five years or less and their native language belongs to the Turk group of  languages: Turkish, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Bashkir,  Kyrghyz, Tatar, Kazakh, Tajik, Turkmen, Yakut and others.

The method of ebru  painting – is painting on the surface of water. Each drawing is as unique as our changing life, so it can’t be repeated! Teaching of the basis of drawing helps people to develop their creative abilities. "To become an artist you do not need  a special training. The main thing is your desire to experience something unusual and exciting!" - says Irina Trumpele, an artist and a  teacher of painting  (
Consultations are planning for women - citizens of the third countries on various themes: health, education, social protection, employment, etc. to ensure their needs and  promote their integration into the Latvian society.

During pre-registration, please indicate:  name/surname, age, nationality, contacts, personal identity number or a temporary residence permit number and send the information to: .  and/or

The project is (co-) financed by the European Union. The project’s "Latvia and Turkey: Distant and Near" implementation is co-financed by the European Third-Country Nationals Integration Fund - 75% and 25% from the state budget. This advertisement has been created thanks to the European Third-Country Nationals Integration Fund‘s support. The  foundation "Turkish Business, Commerce and Culture Institute"  is  responsible for  the content of this advertisement"

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